PT. Pratama Mitra Resources
Experience. Presence. Growth

PT Pratama Mitra Resources (PMR), is one of Indonesia’s emerging Mining Contractors and Service Providers.

Our strength lies in our ability to develop a 1-stop, cost efficient, practical solution for our clients.

Our extensive local knowledge and experience in providing a 1-stop Mining solution made us a highly sought after Mining Services Provider.

Our hands-on culture coupled with unique local knowledge, paired with branch offices located in Kalimantan, Sumatra, Jawa and SIngapore ensures quick problem rectification and efficient performance of our services.

Complete Mining Solutions
  • Mine Development+

      Drilling Data Validation
      Handling of Site Social Issues

  • Mine Infrastructure Construction+

      Hauling Roads
      Foundation for process facilities
      Crusher Plants
      Loading Facilities

  • Mine Planning+

      Geological Engineering
      Mine Engineering - Minescape

  • Equipment Selection for efficient Operations
  • Mine Management
  • Mine Operation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Community Development
  • Equity Participation
  • Financing

Growth - Strength to Strength

Continual investments are made into expanding our fleet of equipment and personnel.

At the heart of our Human Resources Policy, PMR considers its employees to be its most valuable asset. Providing a rewarding career opportunity in a safe and healthy working environment, PMR is able to retain and attract the talent in line with its growth plans.

Structured internal and external workshops are consistently given to our employees to ensure skills development.

The Company’s Management consists of a team of experienced personnel in the Mining Industry, who are sensitive to the Indonesian and Global market conditions and needs.

Close working relationships with major players in the industry and our clients allow us to quickly respond to changes and trends in this competitive environment.